How To Write Your Business Book In Less Time (and Without Being Chained To The Keyboard)

The book publishing landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it’s rapidly integrating into the creative process, and non-fiction book writing is no exception. 

This begs the question: is AI an ethical shortcut for authors? If it is, how can non-fiction authors leverage it to unlock their potential?

AI and book creation

The answer, like most things in life, is nuanced. AI can’t completely replace the human touch when it comes to crafting a compelling narrative or injecting your unique voice into your content. 

However, it can become a valuable collaborator, streamlining the more tedious aspects of book creation and freeing you to focus on the big picture: sharing your valuable insights and establishing yourself as an authority in your field. 

For busy business leaders overflowing with ideas but strapped for time, AI writing tools can help you get your book written and published without ever touching the keyboard.

The question is: how? And which tools should you be considering?

 Let’s explore some of the top contenders:

Clio: speak your business book into existence

Imagine if you had a book assistant who could manage the planning, structuring, writing, and editing of your business book, at whatever time suits you, without costing a fortune or requiring you to spend years tied to your desk typing. makes this a reality. This AI-powered platform allows entrepreneurs and busy business leaders to speak their bestselling books into reality with its planning, writing, and editing features. 

Developed by publishing and technology experts, Clio guides you through the entire book creation process. You’ll benefit from: capture your ideas

Need to get all your ideas out on paper? Try

This powerful transcription tool allows you to record your ideas on the go, whether you’re brainstorming in the shower or dictating on your commute. 

Once you have a wealth of raw content, you can then find a skilled editor who specialises in structuring and polishing business books. This approach allows you to tap into your creativity without being bogged down by the technical aspects of writing.

AI idea-generation tools

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is getting started. Here, AI can play a role in jumpstarting your creative flow. Tools like ChatGPT can be valuable brainstorming partners. 

Simply provide ChatGPT with a seed concept related to your book’s topic, and it will generate creative text formats, like lists of ideas, outlines, or even sample chapter introductions. 

While you’ll still need to curate and refine these suggestions, ChatGPT can help you overcome the initial writer’s block and spark new avenues of exploration for your book.

Research made easy: power up with AI assistants

Research is a crucial element of any good business book. Tools like Jarvis can become your AI research assistant. Simply provide Jarvis with a broad topic or a specific question, and it will scour the web for relevant information, summarise key findings, and even generate citations. This saves you hours of tedious research, allowing you to focus on analysing the information and weaving it into your narrative.

The power is in your hands (and voice)

The beauty of AI writing tools like Clio,, ChatGPT, and Jarvis is that they can empower busy entrepreneurs to become authors by streamlining the book creation process. You don’t have to become a master wordsmith to share your knowledge, insights, and ideas. 

Whether you choose to speak your book into existence, utilise AI-powered brainstorming or research assistance, or leverage market research tools to understand your audience, the key takeaway is this: your ideas can become a bestselling business book without requiring hours hunched over a keyboard.

Ready to get started?

Don’t let your valuable ideas languish in the back of your mind. Write Business Results is proud to be a partner with Clio, offering post-production services to help non-fiction authors share their books with the world. This includes:

Take advantage of the AI revolution and get your business book out of your head and into the hands of the world. 

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